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Baseline Skills First

If each individual has a different set of skills and experiences, why are broad training programs still deployed?

Individual employee assessments first baseline data skills, which allows QuantHub to provide personalized, targeted learning experiences and allow for tracking of progress.

Free Data Literacy Assessment

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"QuantHub is changing the way we train and upskill our people. Now our employees have individualized training plans and the accountability of the friendly, "Chip," to guide them along their learning journey."

       - VP of People

Meaningful Skills Growth

Ready to stop measuring hours trained and start measuring the results of training?

Reports give transparency into skill growth and compare an individual's skills to different departments and job roles. 

Native Work Flow

Scheduling large training sessions is difficult and research proves it's ineffective. Using "Chip," QuantHub's training bot, individuals get bite-sized training in their native workspace. 

A combination of 1 question assessments, digital scavenger hunts, and spaced repetition learning make it fun and easy to improve skills with minimal effort. 

The Upskilling Imperative

According to the WEF, 54% of current employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022.

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Upskilling for Data Fluency

70% of employees will leave their current company due to a lack of skills development opportunities.

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Retrain for the AI Age

Data Analytics is the most important skill gap to address according to 43% of executives. 

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Baseline the data literacy skills of your team for free.

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of decision makers feel confident in their ability to understand, work with and communicate using data

of employees feel overwhelmed and unhappy when working with data

A data-driven organization can't be built through once-a-year training sessions.



Build a data literate organization with 4 simple steps. (and, the first step's free!)

Experience frictionless learning moments right where you work.

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